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    Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
    9:31 pm
    Acne and Life
    Many people are lucky enough never to have to deal with all the problems that a bad acne problem can bring. Calmly going about their day with great looking skin, they never have to face the horrors of acne breakouts that ruin your ability to socialize.

    For those of us who struggle to live with acne, the need for acne treatment is particularly acute. But unfortunately, treatment that actually works is incredibly difficult to find. Many dermatologists don't seem to have a clear idea of the causes or the best way of tackling it and that often leaves people at the mercy of unscrupulous companies whose products amount to little more than snake oil.

    My experience of living with acne was very unpleasant, and I think that is a common thought. People often tell you that it doesn't matter, that it is not important, that you should ignore it. But they aren't living with acne.

    To live with acne is to have it constantly on your mind. No doubt about it. Who could be happy for long with such an unpleasant facial appearance as the one that acne can cause? It isn't a matter of people who are suffering from acne and seeking a treatment being vain. It is actually very important to our lives that we can look good and feel confident in our appearance. A little bit of understanding would be nice.
    Monday, August 13th, 2012
    1:07 pm
    Life with acne
    Living with acne can take a terrible toll on your mental well being. It can cause a lot of self doubt, and I know that when I had my acne problem the difficulties it caused me in a social sense, were the worst part of this horrible affliction.

    Life is no fun when you are living with acne, and every day I would look in the mirror just hoping and praying that it would clear up soon, maybe in the next few months. But of course, it never did, and I would have to put up with it for quite a number of years before I finally managed to find the that would cure me of my skin condition for good.

    All too often, people only focus on acne as a physical problem. They see the spots, the breakouts, the redness, and completely forget - or ignore - the fact that the problems caused by acne are far more than just skin-deep.

    Before I was able to find a permanent cure for my acne, my confidence, self-esteem, and self-image was at an all-time low. When I looked in a mirror, all I saw were my breakouts. I assumed that my acne was the only thing other people saw when they looked at me as well. I couldn't go five minutes without dropping what I was doing to apply more make-up in a desperate attempt to cover up my zits.

    I only left my house when I had to. School was awful. I tried my best not to let people see my face. I looked down when I talked, and tried covering my face with a binder, my hair, or my hands. I didn't want anyone to see me. My acne made me moody; I spent far too much time locked away, alone and feeling sorry for myself. It wasn't any way to live my life.

    It truly is a horrible situation to be in, and for years I struggled with my acne like this. The reaction of other people didn't help me either, and that often left me feeling very low. It was a relief when I finally managed to find a way to get rid of this condition once and for all.

    By using the best acne products I could find, I was able to gradually see an improvement in my acne condition, and in the end it was totally gone and I was able to live life normally again. The message I have is, don't give up, you can beat it if you keep trying hard with the right acne products.
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